The Winter Challenge

Today, December 1st 2012, marked the final stage of the Kalev Fitness Winter Challenge. Competitors have been training grueling workouts for weeks leading up to the big day, the day of the Challenge:     3 Intense Workouts       2 Skill Levels      1 Victor from each

“Death or Glory” is what they they murmered under their breath while they battled it out for gold:

9.30 AM: Virgil Isaacs, one of resident personal trainers, gives the competitors a rundown of the impending workout and the rules of engagement:

10.00 AM: Competitors getting down to it and gritting their teeth. Look closely and you’ll see one of Vancouver’s finest Personal Trainers, Sean Connor (in green), hard at work. One might be fooled by this poor depiction of him that he was ‘hanging out’ but in truth he is the master puppeteer, pulling the strings and making the show run seamlessly.

Several hours later, 3 grueling workouts completed and liters of sweat spilled, 2 emerge victorious. Kalev himself was on hand helping out through out the day, spotting people’s form, counting and of course presented the champs their GOLD!!

Jo Lee the female champion of the Challenge skill level and Dave Narvas male champion of the Challenge level. The Basic category was won overall by Swan Völker.

Fun was had by all, trophy or none, everyone achieved more than they expected on the day and some astounding goals were not only achieved but knocked out of the ball park. Congratulations to everyone who came and participated and thanks to those who helped or spectated. Here’s a quick pic of our good looking Winter Challenge crew:

Spectacles like this are common place here at Kalev Fitness. If you like what you see don’t be afraid to come in ask about it. If you’re already here and you didn’t participate, don’t beat yourself there will be plenty of opportunities for you to partake in upcoming events in the new year.