Attention all Stair Climbers: Stair Climb tip # 2


To help you prepare your body for the Stairclimb, fitness pro Kalev from Kalev Fitness Solution will be providing tips and tricks to help you train effectively! Here’s Tip #2:

Incorporate squats and single-leg step-ups on a bench or stairs. Click here to see video demonstrations by Michelle. These exercises will help strengthen your legs, increase your endurance, and get your heart rate up as well. You can always increase the intensity by adding weights, like dumbbells or a medicine ball.  Go for high reps on this one so you can really feel the burn…

Participants of our first Stairclimb Training class sure did! Did you miss the sign-up? It’s not too late to join our Wednesday evening class with our awesome Trainer Michelle! Our first class is tomorrow, January 9th at 6pm. Click here to train every Wednesday 1x/week for 8 weeks. Or contact for more information.

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By Michelle