Client of the Month: Ali Ibrahim

Ali has been personal training with us since November of 2012.

When he walked through our door he he wasn’t sure what to expect but he had hope that we could transform his body into something he’s always desired. As for many  it was tough in the beginning being unfamiliar with many of the exercises and feeling uncomfortable with the initial muscle pains that go with training hard and trying new exercises.

Through perseverance and a will to achieve the body he’s always dreamed of Ali has become competent in array of advanced exercises and his strength has literally doubled in much of his training. Thanks to dedication to his personal training and willingness to persevere on his own with cardio and tackling his nutrition he has lost over 9% of his body fat and gained muscle mass at the same time.

Ali is well on his way to reaching his dream body. In recognition of his hard work we have named him client of the month and rewarded him with a $100 gift certificate to house guest.

From Vancouver’s finest personal training team here at Kalev Fitness, we say thank you and congratulations Ali, well deserved and we hope to see you getting even more results in the future.