Outdoor Cycle Classes 2014 (Starts April 5th)

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It’s that time of year again when the days are longer the weather is better and it’s dry more frequently. Some of us are already out there cycling while others are dusting off their bikes from storage and preparing for the upcoming cycle season.

Whether you are a first time rider or a seasoned cyclist looking to improve your Fondo   time, we have something to offer you.


With the success of our outdoor program last year we got motivated to bring you an even better series this year. We are offering longer rides more frequently, as well as two cycle groups instead of one. By having two groups we can better allocate riders into their appropriate fitness levels amongst equally matched peers. Whatever your level we will endeavor to help you reach your goals!

All you need to do is read the criteria below for each group and figure out which one you fall under. Not certain? Contact me, paul@kalevfitness.com and after getting to know you and your cycling history I should be able to ascertain  which group will suit your needs.


  • Description: “This group is for people looking to have fun and not take things too seriously. You more likely enjoy the social elements of cycling and are inclined to end a ride over a coffee with your cycling peers”
  • Requirements:
    1. A fully serviced and operational road bike that has gears. (Non-road bikes may be acceptable on a case by case basis)
    2. Clipped pedals and Cleated shoes.
    3. Proficiency in changing gears (especially on hills)
    4. You can maintain an average speed of 20km/hr or more for a 30km circuit (such as the UBC loop).
    5. You are comfortable riding 30-40km in a single session.
    6. You know and understand Canadian road safety rules. (i.e. the minimum knowledge required to sit a drivers licensing test).



  • Description: “You already cycle. You have done or want to do a Fondo. Or maybe you fancy yourself a hill climbing fiend or at least have dreamed of making it up Vancouver’s Mountains. You are a little more serious about your cycling and you want to or already track your progress via Strava type apps or cycle computer.”
  • Requirements:
    1. You already meet all the above criteria in the Social Rider Club requirements
    2. You can maintain an average speed of 25km/hr or more for a ride such as the UBC loop.
    3. You are comfortable riding upwards of 60km’s.
    4. You like hills! (Or at least you can climb them).
    5. You understand how (or are open to learning)  to use cycle data apps such Strava, Garmin connect, mapmyride etc.

Start Dates: Both Groups Start on April 5th on go till Wednesday the May 28th

If either of these sounds like your ‘cup of tea’ then read on to find out how to become part of our cycling team.

Pick the ride times that suit your schedule from the group you

Length: 8 weeks

  • Mondays – ‘Evening Short Ride’       5.30pm – Outdoor – 1-1.5hour ride  -$100
  • Saturdays – ‘Afternoon Long Ride’   1.30pm – Outdoor – 2-3hour ride    -$175

Length: 8 weeks

  • Wednesday – ‘Morning Short Ride’      6am  –  Outdoor – 1-1.5hour ride   -$100
  • Saturdays    – ‘Morning Long Ride’       8am  – Outdoor – 2-3hour ride      -$175

Follow this link to purchase. Click the event that corresponds to your desired times above and follow as prompted.

IF IN DOUBT, Contact paul@kalevfitness.com  for info .

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