Grouse Grind Training

Never tried the Grouse Grind? Let us ease you into this challenging 2.9 km trail that goes up the face of Grouse Mountain. Train with the Kalev Fitness team for 4 weeks to ensure a successful hike! Even if you have climbed the Grouse Grind before, join our team to improve on your record. We’ll be with you ever step of the trail to motivate you to the top. It is also known as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster” because of its arduous incline but after our training sessions you’ll be on your way to a new personal best that will be tough to beat!

Training sessions will be held twice a week starting Saturday, June 30th and continue every Thursday and Saturday until the day of the Grind. This will be set for Saturday, July 28th at 9:00am to beat the crowd. Contact the front desk to sign up.