Good Luck, Bad Ass Mudders!!

Yes, Tough Mudder is upon us. Tomorrow our athletes are in Whistler to grin and bear the grueling obstacles laid out before them.

Everyone has been through rigorous training and endured the likes of monkey bars, tire drills, rope climbing, ghetto workouts and resulted in blood bruises and countless blisters.

None of this can phase our tough as nails KFS Tough Mudder team because they’re harder than steal, more ruthless than pirates and just downright savage! Here’s insight into some of the highlights of their training during the weeks leading up to tomorrow:

Saturday’s crew scaring off local children as they hammer their way through a ghetto workout circuit that took them terrorizing playgrounds around downtown.

Kennedy and Jenna made massive improvements during their training and we can’t wait to see them kill those obstacles tomorrow.

One of the most challenging and Fun drills was the Tire carrying work through our alleyway. Local commuters were not thrilled by our stair climbing antics but none were brave enough to mess with the likes of our bad ass mudders!

Nothing gets the team working together like a ridiculously over-sized truck tire carry.

The team enjoying some well deserved spoils, or maybe some post Tough Mudder training drill simulation? Your call.

It was an amazing training season and I cant wait to see you all kicking ass at
Tough Mudder tomorrow, YEAAARRRRRRRRR!!!! Well done everyone!