Small Group Training Re-Launch

Small group training at Kalev Fitness Solution (KFS) offers the unique opportunity of merging group fitness with personal training and allows KFS personal trainers to work with more people at once. It is also a fun and cost-effective way for clients to experience the benefits of working with fitness professionals.

KFS offers small group training that focuses on specialized formats, individual progression, and skill development. Training includes X-fit, Power Yoga, Flow Yoga, XXXtreme Abs, Spin, Tabata HIIT, Mobility, Cardio Kickboxing, Fight Club (Martial Arts), Mobility (Stretch), Muscle up (Strength), and Body Reboot and Ultimate Conditioning Bootcamps. No matter what kind of workout gets you motivated to stay fit, KFS has it.

To celebrate the re-launch, Kalev Fitness is inviting non-members during the last week of November and first week of December to try out any of these available classes for FREE*:

November 25-29

Power Yoga
Nov 25 @ 5:00PM
Nov 26 @ 7:00AM

Tabata HIIT
Nov 26 @ 5:00PM
Nov 27 @ 12:15PM
Nov 29 @ 7:00AM

Muscle Up
Nov 27 @ 5:00PM

Spin & Sweat
Nov 29 @ 4:30PM

Click here to sign up for November 25-29 SGT

December 2-6

Xxxtreme Abs
Dec 2 @ 5:30PM
Dec 3 @ 12:00PM
Dec 4 @ 7:00AM

Fight Club
Dec 3 @ 6:30PM

Dec 2 @ 7:00AM
Dec 4 @ 6:00PM
Dec 6 @ 12:00PM

Spin & Sweat
Dec 5 @ 7:00AM

Click here to sign up for December 2-6 small group training

*Participants may only take one of each type of SGT (eg: not allowed to participate in two X-Fit SGT)

Click here for more information and detailed descriptions of each workout.