Win A Trip for 2 to Vegas

Las Vegas

2018 is almost over and the holidays are coming to term. Although the festivities are ending, there’s nothing like starting off the New Year strong with a competitive edge. With Kalev Fitness Solutions, you have a chance to WIN a trip for 2 to Vegas! That’s right, a chance to WIN a FREE trip for you and your favourite person (or someone you just didn’t have the time to get a gift for) to Las Vegas, Nevada.

How do you win?


1. Sign Up   

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Only active members are qualified for the draw.

Not a member yet? No problem, there is plenty of time to sign up. Better yet, when you sign up with any membership, you will receive 10 entries into the draw!

 Already a member? If you purchase an additional membership upgrade, you will also receive 10 entries into the draw! This includes adding gym access, classes, or some personal training into your regular fitness routine.


2. Refer as many people as you can

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 You know how great fitness makes you feel, so why not let your friends and family in on your favourite fitness routines as well?
You get 10 draw per entries per referral that signs up for a membership.
Psst…  There are also HUGE benefits with working out with others such as increased motivation, decreased stress levels, and increased confidence.
BONUS: You get a FREE executive month for EACH new referral that signs up! Your referee also gets a free executive week with a consult! What’s there to lose? 

Friends can us this link to redeem:


3. Post on Social Media

 Let’s be real, social media has become a daily part of our lives. Why not use social media to your competitive advantage? Your selfies at the gym could lead to selfies in Vegas!


All you have to do is:
+ Take a selfie at Kalev Fitness
+ Tag our location
+ Tag your friends (no limit)
+ Caption your photo with “Win a trip to Vegas @kalevfitness”
+ Hashtag #KFScontest

You can also add this link: to your caption so that your friends can sign up through your referral with ease! You will be entered into the draw 1 time for every post and 2 times for every post with a trainer  (Max 1 post per day) 

Doesn’t this sound easy? The competition starts in January and ends in April, giving you plenty of time to compete!

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See you at the Gym,

KFS Team