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The holidays are just around the corner and this time of the year represents a perfect occasion for people who want to go ahead and start planning for the new year. If your plan is to feel stronger and more energized in 2019, keep reading ahead.

Good nutrition is an important part of maintaining the right energy levels in your body. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you become stronger in your body, and reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease, diabetes and cancer), and promote your overall health.

How can I commit to my plan to feel energized and stronger in 2019?

The first step is to take action and hire a specialist who can help you create new habits, and teach you the knowledge you’re lacking in this area. People try to go on diets and new regimes on their own, forgetting they’re not experts in this area and unfortunately we’ve all felt the sorrow of not accomplishing a goal that is important to us.  You will need an expert who can learn about you and help you create achievable goals with measurable results and keep you committed to your goal.

This person is a personal trainer! A personal trainer can help you design a plan to put the new habits in place. A personal trainer can also help you keep motivated and accountable, and push to the limit and beyond.  At Kalev Fitness we have some of the Top Personal Trainers in Vancouver focused on your development.

What do We do?

Level 1 Personal training  

This level is for people who have never trained with a personal trainer and want to become more flexible, develop core strength, and correct posture. This level is also excellent for building confidence in clients who don’t have much knowledge of fitness and routines at a gym. Check out our trainers available for this gift: Braeden and Katrina (Click on trainer’s name to learn more about them)

Limited Holiday Promo Certificates available. Act fast!

Online Gift L1 One on One 1/2Hr 3 Session Pack (Save $67)

Online Gift L1 One on One 1Hr 3 Session Pack (Save $121)


Level 2 Personal training

Recommended for clients who’ve trained before and are looking to find more strength, endurance, feel stronger and lose body fat. Braeden, Katrina, Andrej

You can also get this package to treat minor injuries with Braeden who is one of our Kinesiologists

Holiday Promo Certificates available:

Online Gift L2 One on One 1/2Hr 3 Session Pack (Save $91)

Online Gift L2 One on One 1Hr 3 Session Pack (Save $121) Limited Certificates available, act fast!


Level 3 Personal training

Focused on clients who want to develop muscle mass and looking for muscle definition.

You can also utilize this package to use the sessions for Diet and Nutritional consultations with trainer Greg.

Limited Certificates Available:

 Online Gift L3 One on One 1/2Hr 3 Session Pack  (Save $86)

Online Gift L3 One on One 1Hr 3 Session Pack (Save $121)


Level 4 Personal training

Designed for clients who wish to get coached in sports or train for specific sports events like cycling, rowing and triathlon.

You can also purchase this package to treat sports injuries with trainer Sean, who is our top Kinesiologists.

Holiday Certificates Available:

Online Gift L4 One on One 1/2Hr 3 Session Pack (Save $81)

 Online Gift L4 One on One 1Hr 3 Session Pack (Save $121)


What’s more? Community Group Classes (TBS)

Total Body Solution classes are back to basics compound strength movements. Classes include circuits that are targeted to melt fat away and focused on targeting muscle groups.

Classes include Strength Plus, Sports Cardio, Interval Cardio, Pumping Iron and Warrior Conditioning with Taekwondo international champion Mike Bloom. You can also get one on one kickboxing classes with him with the purchase of one of our Level 2 or 3 packages.

Online Gift Unlimited Month Total Body Solution (SAVE $161) Limited Certificates available, act fast!


When purchasing Online Gift remember to keep in mind this purchase rules:

• Gift Certificates are valid for up to 3 months, no longer than March 31, 2019.

• Maximum 2 Gift Certificate promo’s redeemed per person

• If …buying more than two certificates for a friend…You will have to create a new account for them when logging in.

• Partner packages available by request. Please contact the front desk for assistance at 


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