Let the Games Begin!

Let the games begin!

KFS Summer Games



6 Week Training begins July 16th >> Thursdays at 7pm



This training program will include strength components, Olympic and weight lifting, conditioning and some of our very own KFS kick-ass work outs.  If you’ve “played” with us in the Winter Games, expect more of a weight lifting component this time around to push yourself to new limits.  Be ready for a little friendly (or not-so friendly) competition on Games day!  You’ll enjoy our Summer Games training program if you take our bootcamp or xfit classes (or enjoy crossfit anywhere) and are ready for a little intensive training with friendly competition and teamwork! 



The Sun Tower

102 – 128 West Pender St.

Vancouver, BC V6B 1R8

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Simple – because you want to have FUN getting into better shape!



How much:

Members 6 Week package: $85 + tax

Non-members 6 Week package: $100 + tax


…and how to register:

Contact us!  We’ll gladly answer any questions you have and reserve your spot in class

(604) 568-6006