Easy Moves to Improve Posture and Back Pain

80% of the population will experience back pain at some point during their lifetime. Strategies for promoting a healthy back can be categorized into physical, behavioural, and postural. Come visit Vancouver’s best personal trainers at Kalev Fitness Solution for even more tips!



-Strengthen abdominal muscles
(side bridges and planks)

-Strengthen hip extensors
(floor bridges and soft-knee dead lifts)

-Stretch hip flexors
(lunge stretch orstanding psoas stretch)

-Stretch hamstrings
(lying hamstring stretch or waiter’s bow)


-Avoid hazardous exercises
-Avoid sudden jerky back movements
-Avoid improper lifting and carrying


-When standing, keep the lower back
neutral (stand with one foot on a stool)

-When sitting, avoid slouching

-When lying, keep knees and hips bent
(avoid lying on stomach)

-When sleeping, use a firm mattress

Ask your personal trainer if you have any questions about exercises or stretches to strengthen your back and core.

-Christian Kubas