Introducing Corrective Exercise to Kalev Fitness Solution

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We are getting geared up to launch a new service at Kalev Fitness Solution – Corrective Exercise. But what is Corrective Exercise? Here’s what Kalev Fitness Solution’s Trainer of The Month, Virgil Isaacs, has to say.

“Corrective Exercise is a scientific approach that involves the use of in depth postural analysis, muscle tension relationships, and much more in order to design the proper exercise program for the client and bring their body toward optimal musculoskeletal functionality. Programs will include stretches, mobilizes, and joint stabilization coupled with a challenging workout routine for the purpose of performing exercises more efficiently, pain free, and often with more intensity. Personal Trainers and Exercise Coaches all over can help clients resolve joint malfunction, joint pain, sports performance barriers, and much more with the use of Corrective Exercise techniques.”

– Virgil Isaacs

Virgil recently became certified in the techniques of Corrective Exercise through the C.H.E.K Institute and is working together with all of the other great trainers and kinsesiologists at Kalev Fitness Solution to implement this new service for our clients. Keep your heads up for an official launch of the service involving brief explanations, interactive demonstrations, and prizes to be won.

Ask the staff at the gym for more information, and in the mean time, take a peak at this local Vancouver magazine print on Corrective Exercise, featuring Virgil.







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