Private Yoga Vancouver

If you’re interested in yoga Vancouver is an excellent place to be. Vancouver yoga classes have become extremely popular and although we do offer small group yoga, we also provide private yoga sessions for clients seeking one-on-one instruction and attention.

Private yoga at Kalev Fitness is a therapeutic application of yoga exercises that can be used to treat individuals with medical conditions. It aims to cultivate mind-body integration, through a holistic, non-dogmatic approach. It is suitable for anyone at any level of fitness or flexibility, and can yield both direct and indirect benefits for individuals with varying physical, psychological and/or emotional concerns. Everyone has stress. It’s how you manage your stress that will determine how you feel about yourself and your life.

Women meditating

Not keen on joining the Vancouver yoga scene just yet? Private classes are a great way to get one-on-one personalized instruction. Unlike classes in Vancouver yoga studios, here you have the opportunity to ask questions as you go and have confidence you’re not doing movements that will lead to injury down the road.

Our private yoga sessions take place in our bright naturally-lit upstairs studio with calming music playing in the backgroud. There are no candles or incents burning here. You’ll learn proper yoga techniques, the power of connection with your own private teacher and the feeling of serenity without the oming. Come check out what all the fuss is about in a private and personalized training session. We guarantee that both your mind and body will be transformed.