PreNatal Fitness Vancouver / PostNatal Fitness

Want to feel body confident throughout your entire pregnancy? Learn how to do prenatal fitness correctly. Exercise safely with one-on-one training, specifically tailored toward your personal needs during this life changing event with our Prenatal Fitness Vancouver Program. When the big day comes, you’ll feel healthy and strong, both physically and mentally.

If you are pregnant, taking care of yourself now is critical for both you and your baby. Maybe you have questions about how high you can get your heart rate up to, if you can do all core exercises, or you’re wondering if you’re more prone to injury now than before you were pregnant. When you train with a professional, you’ll be guided throughout all stages of your pregnancy to ensure you’re in optimal health and have a fitness plan tailored specifically to you. 


Need to shed extra baby-weight? There’s no faster way to get your body back then to have a trainer and coach by your side. Whether you’re a new mother or you’ve been carrying around the extra pounds for far too long, you’re guaranteed to see results with this program. With all the challenges that come along with having a family, you’ll need to be a woman at her best; feeling strong mentally and physically. Gain energy, feel confident and love your body! Start a postnatal fitness routine now, and learn techniques and tips that will stay with you for a lifetime.