One-on-One Personal Training Vancouver

Looking for the most elite personal trainer Vancouver has to offer? Maybe an Elite fitness experience with personal attention and a multi-disciplinary routine? Kalev Fitness Solution offers a 3Dimensional approach to fitness, including fitness assessments, nutritional guidance and more.

With a Kalev Fitness Solution personal trainer, you’ll be getting the safest, most effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals long term. Our personal training Vancouver programs are tailored to your needs and guaranteed to deliver results, whether you’re training for a marathon, or working out under your doctor’s orders.


How does it work?

After your initial consultation, your personal trainer will:

  • Conduct a full fitness assessment
  • Design a custom personal training program that gets you results in as little as 30 minutes per workout
  • Guide you step-by-step through your program to ensure proper form and technique
  • Help improve your flexibility, strength and posture

As your program progresses, your personal trainer will conduct quarterly testing and adjust your program to meet your evolving fitness needs and help you achieve new goals.

What can you expect during your workouts?

With personal training at our elite gym, you can enjoy a variety of workouts, including: