Valentine Vanholsbeke – Personal Trainer

Valentine Vanholsbeke

Born into a family of sports enthusiasts, I have been immersed in sport from an early age.
Passionate and dynamic, it has always been a kind of therapy for me and a fundamental need in my life. It was logical for me to study in this field so that I could work with all kinds of people. Passing on my passion to others and enabling them to feel good about their bodies is what I love doing. As the saying goes: "A healthy mind in a healthy body".

Tennis is my favourite sport, and I have always been very interested in top-level tennis ; I have been lucky enough to be able to coach young international hopefuls alongside the world's top players and coaches. I am here to accompany and introduce your children to fitness, possible future champions who would like to do physical preparation in order to perform as well as possible in their sport, but also you who would like to achieve your personal sporting goals.



  • Education and experience
  • Physical education bachelor degree
  • Specialization in physical preparation
  • Physical preparation fitness coach at The Justine Henin Academy
  • Coach at Adeps (sports federation in Belgium)
  • Swimming coach for children at Promosport