Rian Farell – Personal Trainer

Rian’s friendly, engaging personality, combined with a charming Irish brogue, will keep you motivated to succeed! He pushes you to reach your fitness goals and then ultimately break through what you thought were your limits. His exceptional training style showcases an expertise in Strength Training, Flexibility & Mobility.

Born and raised in Ireland, Rian comes from a sporting background, including football, Gaelic football (a distinctly Irish game somewhat similar to soccer), and swimming. His early years in the fitness industry focused on adolescent fitness, specialising in professional swim coaching and professional underage football (soccer) coaching. Working as both a manager and a trainer honed his skills in detailed planning as well as First Aid and Emergency protocols. Rian has been working in the Fitness Training industry since 2017.

Rian’s personal story highlights his passion for developing the “mindset for success”. In Rian’s words:

Hi👋 I’m Rian! Like many a college student, I worked a regular 90-hour week and enjoyed all those “21 year old” side activities. Then the blow fell: I was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer. All my goals, values, and perspectives were thrown into chaos. What saved me was my prior education in training: to achieve a goal, you need a positive attitude, expanding physical targets, and most of all, persistence. I broke my goals down into what I COULD DO every day to progress AND I never gave up! Now I am a qualified Fitness Trainer, and loving it! My own story exemplifies why, to me, a positive mindset is the defining factor for every single person’s success.


1. Level 7 Bachelors in Sports Management

2. Level 8 certificate in sports psychology

3. Level 8 Personal Training from NTC Ireland

Personal Interests:

Rian keeps himself physically challenged and motivated with Rock climbing, either at The Hive or at the Riley Park boulder. A love for hiking provides that important dose of “nature” and feeds his inner spirit. Meditation is his tool for mindfulness and allows him to be more attentive and compassionate in his training methods.

Rian is also a Coach for our Family Fitness Program, check out his credentials here: