Rhaul – Sales / Admin / Personal Trainer

Meet Rhaul, whose athletic journey commenced at the age of 14, excelling as one of the top badminton varsity players. He briefly trained with the Philippine Badminton Team and embraced various sports, always seeking a competitive edge. Even in his late 30s, Rhaul remains actively involved in competitive sports. Recently, he proudly represented the Philippine Mixed Masters Team at the World Beach Ultimate Championship in California from November 1st to 5th. Additionally, Rhaul regularly participates in ultimate frisbee club tournaments and badminton competitions.

Notably, Rhaul brings over a decade of experience as a successful realtor in the Philippines. His fervor for fitness is evident through his commitment to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. In 2019, Rhaul ventured into providing personal training services and assumed management responsibilities, instructing at a fitness kickboxing studio in Vancouver for over two years.

He finds joy in biking and hiking activities, especially during the summer months. Rhaul lives in Vancouver with his wife and cat.