Christina – GM

Christina brings over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. Her career began with her personal weight loss journey, which sparked her passion for a healthy lifestyle and fitness.

In addition to her personal journey, Christina has competed in bodybuilding shows and developed a love for the sport, with a particular enthusiasm for heavy lifting.

Throughout her career, Christina has coached a diverse range of clients, from Olympian athletes to busy grandparents. Her focus is on helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing functional fitness and longevity.

Recently, Christina has found fulfillment in assisting those with chronic illnesses, drawing from her own experience of being diagnosed with incurable stage 4 Lyme Disease. This diagnosis forced her to adapt and change her approach to fitness. Now, with a new perspective on life, she empowers others to pursue their fitness goals, even in the face of chronic illness.

As the General Manager of Kalev Fitness Solution, Christina brings a wealth of knowledge in managing both large gym facilities and smaller boutique studios.

In her personal life, Christina leads an adventurous lifestyle. She resides on a 40-foot sailboat with her husband and their dog, Kika. Additionally, she enjoys sailboat racing on weekends, which provides an exhilarating and effective workout.