Alochen – Personal Trainer

Alochen started his fitness journey back when he was in his teenage years. At the age of 15, Alochen was overweight and struggled with obesity, because of his improper nutrition and lack of exercise and knowledge.

He began playing sports such as hockey and football in high school. This helped him recognize his interest in physical health and exercise. He was then introduced into weight training and bodybuilding towards the end of high school. Establishing his foundation to the new possibilities with his own mental wellbeing, and personal transformation. He found losing the unnecessary body fat, gaining optimal strength and muscle mass allowed him to gain back control of his physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Alochen now finds fulfillment in helping others reach and recognize their personal fitness goals, whether its body fat loss, gaining strength and muscle. Alochen is an expert in body sculpting , progressive-overload resistance training, or sports related endurance and strength.

If he’s not training you, he’s most likely in the gym training with dumbbells and machines.

  • Ace Certified
  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED from Red Cross
  • Associate of Business Diploma