Our Philosophy


We are not for everyone. We are for those of you who are serious about your health and are interested in doing what it takes to achieve long term results both physically and mentally.

Our facility is top-of-the-line with state-of-the-art equipment. But don’t let appearances fool you. We are a friendly community of all ages and fitness levels. If you are committed to positive change and want to be trained to your best, join us.

We are a service-oriented gym which means we specialize in personal training and small group training. We use a 3Dimensional approach which means a custom program designed by a team of specialized trainers. You have the option of training with up to three trainers which means more likelihood you’ll get to schedule your workout when you want and you’ll be getting the benefits of working with trainers who have different training styles and personalities.

Meet the maker, Kalev Jaaguste

Every day I go to the gym, I spend time with my amazing staff, and I have the honour of helping people to feel better about their bodies. I am, of course, a personal trainer and the founder of Kalev Fitness Solution, a company offering a unique approach to personal training.A lot of people are nervous to start personal training because they think it will be challenging. I can relate to that. My own journey to personal training had its challenges.

I had a good start as a child – my father had me in skates from the time I could walk! I stayed active as a self-conscious teenager, pumping iron, worried that my teenage body wasn’t big enough. I took my body and health for granted, assuming that I would always be active.

Everything changed when a serious motorcycle accident left me in a wheelchair for over three mnths. Those were the longest months of my life. But, there was a bright side: I suddenly wanted to understand how the body worked on a deeper level. As my health improved, I pursued an education in exercise science, which led to a career in personal training.

Personal training opened up the world for me. I traveled the globe as a personal trainer, working with clients in incredible places, from the six-star Palazzo Versace Resort in Australia to the Paradise Village Resort in Mexico. After a lot of globetrotting, I was ready to settle down and start my own business. I came to Vancouver and founded Kalev Personal Training, now known as Kalev Fitness Solution.

I have been a personal trainer for over nine years, and I still love my work. My staff and I have created a unique approach to training. We call it the “3Dimensional” approach. In 3D training, we give you a team of specialists: a cardio specialist, a weight training specialist, and a nutritionist, all for about the same cost as one personal trainer. Plus, you receive access to a network of health and wellness professionals through our partnership program.

It takes both dedication and education to become a personal trainer. My qualifications include:

  •     Executive Master Trainer (National College of Fitness)
  •     FISAF Certification
  •     Diploma of Exercise Science (Australian Institute of Fitness)
  •     Can_Fit Pro
  •     CPR/First Aid

Beyond my dedication to being the most qualified personal trainer I can be, I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve their fitness goals. I hope you will consider Kalev Fitness Solution as you reach for your own personal goals for your health and well-being.

All my best,