Sports Massage


Sports Massage:

By utilizing various techniques, such as stretching or deep tissue massage, sports massage therapy can help clients optimize their athletic performance, boost overall well-being, and prevent injuries.
Benefits associated with a sports massage include reducing muscle tension and joint and muscle pain, improving range of motion, increasing blood flow, promoting a faster recovery, and correcting poor posture that might have been caused by stiffness or injury.

SPORTS MASSAGE, it is active release, deep tissue, not a spa relaxation appointment 😉

Cora Headshot

Cora has successfully completed a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy in Australia. 

My passion for sports and interest in the human body have led me to specialize in sports massage therapy. 

As a former athlete, I have firsthand experience of the effects of strenuous physical activity on the body and believe that massage therapy can play a vital role in improving performance and overall wellness.

In my practice, I prioritize educating clients about their conditions and injuries and integrating various complementary modalities, such as mobility and strengthening exercises, into my therapy sessions.