60 Seconds with Kalev

Kalev Jaaguste is the man behind the desk. Literally. KFS sat down with Kalev over the weekend to find out more about who this self-titled gym leader truly is. Here’s what we found out:

KFS: So Kalev, interesting name. Where’s it from?

Kalev:  “Kalev” is one of three popular Estonian names. Kalev, Olev (my father) and Sulev (my first dog). My dad tried to name me Sulev but my mom said no.

KFS: Moms know best! What’s your favorite thing to do in the gym, other than run the business?

Kalev:  The Friday Workout: arms or chest.

KFS: Classic beach bum workout. Do you have any other hobbies?

Kalev:  Hockey. I play on 2 different teams. I also like biking the seawall on my cruiser. And being lazy on Sundays.

KFS: Not sure we can consider that a hobby, but sounds relaxing. Any other vices?

Kalev:  I like weekends and fun. It’s important for me to have good work-life-health balance. I work hard, train hard and play hard.

KFS: Complete this sentence: “if I were an animal I would be…”

Kalev:  A honey badger. Have you seen that Youtube video? Hilarious. Really puts honey badgers on the map!

KFS: I didn’t realize honey badgers were OFF the map. Ok, so if I gave you an elephant where would you hide it?

Kalev:  I wouldn’t hide it. I’d ride it to work and park it right out front the gym.

KFS: Good answer. If you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?

Kalev:  Arnold Schwarzenegger. He seems like such an interesting and diverse person. Seriously, body builder to Hollywood to Governor? He knows what’s up.

KFS:  Does this mean you’re running for City Council? What if you were a cookie?

Kalev:  Definitely white chocolate macadamia nut from subway. OMG I’m going to get one right now. Then go for a run to burn it off.


Ladies and gentleman, Kalev Jaaguste.


Written by KFS (a.k.a. Lyz)