Water for Weight Loss

You heard right! Drinking water will help with your weight loss. If you are eating right and exercising with your trainer on a regular basis then try drinking more water. Many people don’t drink enough water daily which means their bodies aren’t functioning at optimal capacity. Therefore, their metabolism is not burning as many calories as it could. Some studies have also shown that thirst and hunger sensations are triggered together which means if you are slightly dehydrated, you may very well feel hungry also. When you are feeling hungry, try drinking some water 15 minutes before eating and see what happens to your appetite.

So how much water should we drink daily? I’m sure everyone has heard the “8 glasses a day” saying but water is also obtained from the foods that we eat. A better way to monitor how much water our body needs is through our urine! It should stay clear with a slight yellow tinge. The darker in yellow it is, the more dehydrated you are.  Other benefits of water are:

– Regulating appetite
– Boost energy levels
– Alleviate some headaches
– Help reduce blood pressure and high cholesterol
– Decreased chance of developing kidney stones

So grab your water bottle and fill it up!


Written by Christian