Team Kalev’s Spartan Trainer Spotlight


Who is the man at the gym in the barefoot runner’s? This special man of mystery is the other half of the our Spartan Team trainers and does not disappoint when he shows up to kick your butt. Not lacking in opinion, Virgil provides intelligent discussion with his fitness and health advice and is bound to challenge you, perhaps in more ways than one!

Virgil uses a unique approach to fitness combining Martial Arts, cardio and strength conditioning. Since the age of nine he has been interested in martial arts, earning his black belt in Karate, and now has three years of training and fighting experience in Boxing & Muay Thai Kickboxing. Combining a certification with sound education and plenty of experience, Virgil has also become a skilled strength trainer and weightlifter. He emphasizes a natural approach to exercise by promoting functional movements and the use of bodyweight and places a great deal of importance on nutrition, health and wellness. Virgil believes in the power of the mind and the power of determination in pushing the body to its ultimate limit to achieve maximum results and growth. According to Virgil, the sky is the limit!

Submitted by Lyz