Turkey Hangover

If you went a little … well overboard this season don’t worry, you’re not alone… most people gain about 2 pounds on average during the Christmas season. I know, that doesn’t sound that bad does it? The scary thing is that most people don’t lose that extra weight over the course of the year and in 5 years that’s and extra 10 pounds! Yikes. I don’t like to plan my whole life but there are certain things I believe need good, solid planning and I think health and fitness goals are some of them. That’s why this year I’m thinking about my resolutions early. It’s much easier to play defense than offense when it comes to health and fitness. Start thinking of where you want to be in January… If it’s not five pounds heavier, try planning out your days this holiday season and including some workout sessions. Make sure you stick to the plan and actually go. If it’s a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, do a coffee date. Eat a healthy meal before you go out to a party and skip the soda… soda water is your friend, coke is not! Little things like this will go a long way and make your resolution seem a lot less daunting come January. If you think you’ll need an extra push in January with some personal training start looking at your schedule now and figure out what days and times will work for you when you’re ready to start. Planning early will allow you to get used to the idea of having a scheduled workout and allow you to shuffle other aspects of your life around if need be. If you’re looking for classes or whatever it is you like to do, look at some online schedules, pick the studio that matches what you’re looking for and schedule it in. Boxing week, call the studio or personal training company and take advantage of their deal.


Jessica Slonski, Vancouver Pilates Instructor – Kalev Fitness Solution
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