New Team Members at Kalev Fitness Solution!

Kalev Fitness Solution would like to officially welcome and introduce our new team members. The new faces you’ll see around the gym are:

Josh Hodges (left)

Originally from Sydney Australia, Josh arrived in Canada in 2006 bringing with him years of experience in health and fitness, including weight training and body building. Competing in sport is also Josh’s passion, particularly swimming, surfing, Australian Rules football, Ironman racing and Australian Surf Life Saving. He has also competed at a state and national level in surfboat rowing and swimming. Josh studied at The Australian Institute of Fitness before moving to Canada and believes that continuing fitness education is the best way to serve his clients and stay on top...more

Trevor Miles

Trevor has a BSc. degree in Kinesiology and has certificates in Health and Fitness and in Health and Nutrition from SFU. He is a Registered Kinesiologist with both the BCAK and the CKA. He also has certifications from CPAFLA and BCRPA. Trevor has extensive knowledge and experience with rehabilitation, chronic diseases and personal training… more

Mia Grower

Mia is certified by the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP). She completed a two year Exercise Science diploma at Lethbirdge College, in Alberta. She has been physically active her whole life, anything from snowboarding to kayaking. For the past eight plus years she has been dedicated to a steady fitness regime and trying to acquire as much fitness based knowledge as possible. Studying under C.H.E.K Certified professionals, taking classes from one of the top athletic coaches in Alberta and from fitness professionals who have trained all around the word with different age groups. She is incredibly passionate about fitness and is constantly wanting to learn and grow as a trainer. Through education, enthusiasm and passion Mia will get her clients to their goals and improve their quality of life… more

Juliet Grundmanis

Along with her BCRPA certification in group fitness, Juliet is a registered physiotherapist. She has completed her Bachelors of Human Kinetics and Masters of Physical Therapy degrees, both from the University of British Columbia, and has been leading group fitness classes for seven years.  She is passionate about helping others to develop a love of exercise, and leads spinning classes that challenge newbies and experts alike.  Outside of the gym, Juliet loves to keep busy with running, cycling, hiking, surfing, and of course, rehabilitation.  Her high-energy, motivating indoor cycling classes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and leave you feeling invigorated!

Erin Kille

Erin is a BCRPA Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and Group Indoor Cycling Instructor.  She enjoys teaching to groups and has a natural energy that tends to build throughout every spin class! more

To learn more about the entire team and see the complete bios and pics of our new members listed above, please go to

We’re very proud to have such a talented and qualified team!

Jessica Slonski, Vancouver Pilates Instructor – Kalev Fitness Solution
t: 604-568-6006