Injury Prevention Guidelines

1) Proper Nutrition

-Studies have shown that injury, pain, and degenerative diseases increase with decreased pH levels. That being said, choose foods that will keep your body more alkaline rather than acidic.

-Stay hydrated!!

-Increase omega 3 fats because they reduce inflammation.

-Avoid over using non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) because they can inhibit repairing tissues in your body.

2) Use proper technique

-Have your trainer pay close attention to your technique and try to reproduce that action when you are working out on your own.

-Warm-up so that your muscle are ready to work.

-Cool down to avoid blood pooling and light headedness.

3) Listen to your body

-Avoid overtraining.

-Respect your abilities and orthopaedic status. Progress into more difficult exercises; don’t try too much too soon.

Written by Christian Kubas