New Group Fitness Class: Ice & Snow Dry Land Training


In addition to Vancouver’s finest  group fitness classes we have a new specialty class called Ice and Snow Dry Land Training. Seeing as the winter season is full swing we thought it would be a great opportunity to devise a winter themed class. If anyone was privy to the beauty of the mountains last week, you will know the desire to be up there enjoying it to its full capacity. That’s exactly where we come in. Instead of wishing you could enjoy the mountains to their full potential when it’s good out, why not spend a bit of spare time at our winter specific class getting yourself up to full capacity so when the conditions are perfect you’ll be running at max capacity.


We have three trainers who calloborate together to hammer out the finer skills and objectives required from winter training to get you, our athletes, in peak physical form to enjoy your winter sports at your full potential. Having said that, this class is open to everyone and all skill levels.

Sean Conner and Paul Moffat are responsible for these classes. So far they have narrowed down the objectives to 6 categories:

  1. Speed/Explosive Strength
  2. Agility
  3. Balance & Core
  4. Endurance/Cardio Capacity
  5. Flexibility
  6. Prehab (Injury prevention)


Every week 3 of the 6 components are used as the focus of that weeks workout. So far we have had one week of Balance, Endurance and Flexibility. Another was Explosive strength, Agility and Endurance. Following weeks will have some of these components and combinations of the others. Basically you get to learn something new and fun, challenge your balance and core and get a great sweat on while getting your heart rate up, what more could you ask for?

  • Classes run 2 x per week
  • Package price is $150
  • Package includes 36 classes (not limited to Ice & Snow class, this is a good deal!)
  • Discount available to Personal Training clients and previous Specialty class participants (Tough Mudder, Winter Challenge, etc)

Ask your trainer or contact the front desk to find out more or make your purchase. Make sure you act soon and grab one of these packages while they’re still available.