How Rules Equal Rewards

Sticking to a consistent workout regime often seems hard enough, but throwing good nutrition into the equation can throw many people hoping to change their lifestyle over the edge of what they consider to be attainable.

Most of us, having heard time and time again the phrases ‘bit by bit’…and ’slow and steady wins the race’… are aware of the basic changes that can better your health and rev up your workout regime – eat a balanced diet, workout, get rest. Repeat!

But for those who have difficulty implementing change into their lifestyle, or are having some trouble seeing results… Learning new information, using it and taking the time to reflect on what needs to be adjusted in one’s own meal or workout plan is always beneficial.   Sticking to rules can lend you a hand without you even knowing it. Here are a few to try, maintain, and further your results – faster!  

Green = Good

  Do you want to lose a proven 8.5 times as much weight? Pack your plate with greens!  Here is the first (and arguably foremost important) rule to follow. That greens are good – veggies act naturally as fat repellants. When you fill half of your plate with leafy greens, you fill up on healthy and nutritionally dense food packed with benefits for your body.  Doing this you are guaranteed to consume fewer calories and fat during your meal. Foods which grow on trees contain more omega-3’s which are important for your diet, as well as a natural dose of vitamins and minerals.  Fruit will help give you a plentiful dose of fiber, ruling out a sugar rush (and crash) post meal. One study found that those who eat fruits at the beginning of the day consume 15% less calories per day! 

Eat the Right Protein 

  Why not start with Breakfast! Eating a substantial breakfast will help you focus on what needs to be done during your day – not what needs to be eaten later. Not only does skipping breakfast increase your risk of obesity by a startling 450%, but it leads to lowered energy and focus.  Did you know that people who eat eggs, or a healthy protein in the a.m tend to lose more than 65% more weight than those who grab a bagel? Grab a yogurt, eat some eggs, or even make yourself a quick shake in the morning. 

  Protein also helps repair your body post-workout to help you burn a ton more fat even 24 hours after you finish!  Protein also deters the effects of cortisol – a nasty stress hormone which makes your body hold onto fat. Eating protein is a pretty simple rule with big rewards. Try a protein calculator to see a good fit for you!

Rules Recapped

  1. Make a habit to load your plate half full of greens
  2. Eat fruits as snacks, and supplementary to meals
  3. Know what the best proteins are for your body – consume between .54 and 1 grams per pound of weight you are. For example, being 150 lbs, try for 75-150 grams/day. The more you are working out, the more your body needs the muscle repair protein gives.
  4. And of course, learn to pay attention! –To what your body feels strongest with, and what you find keeps you at an energetic and confident level.
  5. Make a set of rules for you.  Changes that you need to work on to see a better you. Stick to them, see results, and be proud that with these rules and help from the best personal trainers in Vancouver, you have upgraded to you – version 2.