GREG SMITH: Nutritionist, Trainer and Epitome of Strength

You see him doing weighted pull-ups in the gym, impossibly heavy squats and lateral straight leg arm hangs. Who is this machine who epitomizes strength? Ladies and gentleman it is the one and only Greg Smith, KFS long-time trainer and nutritionist

Whether you’re a “Weekend Warrior” or Olympic-level athlete, Greg’s methods will unleash your potential. His experience includes seven years of one-to-one training, boot camps and conditioning for soccer, golf and winter sports. Greg specializes in body shaping, athletic conditioning, fat loss, postural correction, injury management and diet modification. He enjoys an active lifestyle, the outdoors, travel and is passionate about eating for performance.

Greg is also a competitor and was recently challenged to eat two pounds (yes, you read correctly) of red meat followed by 2 liters of 7-up. Greg, a non-sugar eater, proved that anything is possible by consuming both in no time at all. Needless to say we were all very impressed, despite the meat sweats and belly ache that was endured for the next week.

Interested in training with Greg? Contact the Front Desk to schedule an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

Written by Lyz