Calorie Counting Made Easy!

The idea of counting calories never really appealed to me. I always felt like it was a very time consuming activity that would only stress me out. I figured eating a clean and healthy diet would be enough… and usually it is… However, with the holidays coming up I was curious to see how many calories I actually consume in a day (and how that compares to how many I’m ‘supposed’ to be eating). …Basically I wanted to know how many of my Grandma’s cookies I could eat per day this holiday season without my butt getting bigger! I know it’s vain but at least I’m honest! Anyway, Greg our in house nutrtion guru told me about the Live Strong website and the no fuss (and FREE) calorie counter. I tried it out and I have to say it was really easy… and I kind of I loved it! It’s really interesting to see how much you ACTUALLY eat instead of just guessing. I think most of us have a skewed perception of how many calories we take in, or don’t take in for that matter. The calorie counter prompts you with all sorts of food options (ie. did you have a gala apple or a granny smith), its very cool. If you’re like me and come from a family who during Christmas bake like it’s an Olympic sport and it’s the gold metal match, this tool will definatley come in handy! As I graze the goodies this year, it will be really easy to make sure I don’t go overboard. Thanks Live Strong!

Jessica Slonski, Vancouver Pilates Instructor – Kalev Fitness Solution
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