Attention all Stair Climbers: Stair Climb tip # 1

Here’s Tip #1 from fitness pro Kalev at Kalev Fitness Solution:

Incorporate 2 different styles of cardio into your training program.

This means doing one day of high intensity interval training, which might include a Tabata class or intervals on the treadmill. You will want to push hard for 1 minute, then ease off for 30 seconds, and repeat for 20-30 min. Pick a mode of cardio that you are confident with for this one, such as running, spinning, or stair climbing!

The other day would be a longer cardio session, at a low-to-moderate intensity. Examples are: jogging on the seawall or swimming. Choose an intensity where you can hold onto a constant breathing rate. Whatever you may choose, make sure your session is at least 2x longer than your high intensity cardio day.

Need some exercise ideas? Stairclimb Training classes with Trainer and Kinesiologist Michelle from KFS start January 5th, and run for the 8 weeks leading up to the climb! Expect both high-intensity interval challenges and low-intensity endurance activities. Options to train on Wednesdays at 6pm, Saturdays at 11am, or both! Click here for 1x/week. Click here for 2x/week. Or contact for more information.

See Michelle demo a Tabata interval – it’s challenging, but fun!

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