FREE 6 Week Fitness Challenge

Work with the best trainers in town and Transform your body in 6 weeks. We can help you kickstart your fitness journey or break the progress plateau.

Our stellar 6-week program can help you with your fat loss or muscle-building goals.

Here is how we can work towards your successful body transformation:

Starting with a 1 hr full body assessment, testing your fitness level, flexibility, mobility, cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, comprehension of techniques and form to perform exercises the right way, fitness habits and any other specific needs.

Based on the assessment, your trainer will design a Customized Workout plan for you to follow through 6 weeks. Your workout plan will align with your challenge goals while building strength and endurance.

Nutrition is a vital part of any body transformation; hence you will also be provided with a Customized Meal Plan, a healthy and sustainable plan that you could also incorporate into your lifestyle and not just limited to the 6-week challenge.

Accountability Coaching will keep you motivated and aid in building a consistent workout routine.

We are a close-knit fitness community in Vancouver, looking for the ones who are looking to make a lifestyle change and work with us towards their body transformation utilizing our proven and successful 6-week challenge program.