Nutritionist Vancouver

If you’re curious about working with a Vancouver Nutritionist you may be interested in taking advantage of our Nutrition Program. Fitness Nutrition is a popular subject in Vancouver and it’s no surprise – we’re one of the fittest cities in the world! A great workout designed by a top personal trainer is one thing – but proper nutrition is the other piece of the puzzle. Without a healthy diet, your workout might not get you the results you’re after.

Everyone has different needs and goals when it comes to health and wellness, but one thing is certain: a balanced, healthy diet is crucial to being fit and it’s more complex than simply calories in – calories out. Getting professional advice and coaching can help you lose weight, gain muscle and improve your overall health.

With help from a Kalev Fitness Solution nutrition consultant, you can get a nutrition plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. We will create a customized plan for you that complements your fitness program. We offer:

  • 1 Hour Nutrition Consultation
  • The Nutrition 20 Coaching Program (12 weeks)

One Hour Consultation: Create an effective strategy to lose body fat, gain muscle, and improve how you feel every day. Learn how much protein and calories is ideal, which nutrients are essential, and how to get them in the right amounts. Distinguish between alkaline and acid-forming foods, how different foods influence blood sugar, and how to create meals to optimize digestion. Clarify the validity of specific dietary supplements. Also, integrate the best training and exercise techniques to compliment your diet for optimal results.

Nutrition 20: Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Program – 12 Week Curriculum

Food Quality

– Dirty Dozen, Clean 15
– Commercial vs. Organic/Pasture
– Nutrient density, EFA ratios, toxins
– Cage Free, Free Range
– Pros and Cons of Organic

Anti-nutrients & Allergies

– Elimination/Rotational Diet
– Gluten, dairy, omega-6, phytates, lectins, oxalic acid, processed foods, gmo’s

Meal Planning Part 1

– Timing/frequency
– Preparation/recipes/ cooking/equipment
– Proper oils for cooking
– Metabolic typing
– Portions

Grocery Shopping

– Finding good meats/butchers
– Questions to ask your butcher
– Farmers markets, & other good local shops
– Navigating the grocery store
– Creating a shopping list/schedule
– Ingredients to Look Out For
– Reading labels


– Everyday supplementation
– Sport/performance supplementation (post, peri, pre)
– Healing/Super foods/Herbs


– Amount
– Timing with meals
– Filters/water quality
– Environmental issues

Digestion & Elimination

– Leaky gut
– Fungus/parasites
– Healthy elimination
– Healing the gut

Cheat Meals

– Eating out
– Sugar substitutes
– Savory substitutes
– Healthy food vendors


– Dream/Goal Setting
– Circadian Rhythm
– Stress Management

Toxicity/Environmental Stressors

– Detoxifying your home
– Cosmetics
– EMFs
– Heavy metals
– Detoxification programs

Ready to enhance your fitness program results? To speak with one of our fitness nutrition experts, contact us today.