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Total body Solution

otal Body Solution brings you our Strength Plus lower body Circuit.


Pumping Iron

Focuse on strength and muscle endurance for your upper body and firing up your core.


Cross Training

Designed for universal use, making it the perfect application for any individual.


Kickboxing X-Training

Come check out the most inviting and fun kickboxing Vancouver has available.



Boot camp Vancouver classes offer a fun way to get fit without getting bored.


Exciting changes are happening to our classes to improve your experience, training program, and options for a class based solution to your Fitness needs.

Our new TBS Strength Plus classes focus on back to basics compound strength movements. The first 20 minutes of the class you’re targeting Squats, Pull ups, Chest press, Deadlifts, Rows and more. Then you’re heart rate is pumped up by cardio circuits that are targeted to melt fat away.  You will use weights focused on Upper or Lower Body (depending on the day) and core and abs will be incorporated in that mix to complete the full body cardio workout

Only looking for strength? Come in for the first ½ of class. Only want Cardio, come in at the 20 min mark and do a circuit focused on targeted muscle groups. These classes run Monday / Tuesday, Thursday / Friday to hit each muscle group 2x per week! On Wednesdays and take a break from strength, and melt away those calories with TBS Competition cardio class.

What if you miss a workout, or can’t come 5 days per week? There are multiple TBS Strength Classes per day, OR you can crush a full body class like TBS Pumping Iron (Strength) TBS Interval Cardio (Strength Cardio), TBS Warrior Conditioning, TBS Kickboxing to make sure you don’t leave any muscles untrained.

The TBS Sports Cardio class scheduled mid to end of weekend is kick-ass cardio class using plyometrics, drills and traditional cardio exercises to feel the burn, and is a great addition at any time in your class routine.

When you make your fitness regimen fun, you’re more likely to stick with it and see results. No matter which kind of workout gets you out of bed in the morning, Kalev Fitness Solution’s got it. Maybe you’ve noticed a trend in fitness: niche studios limited to one specific type of workout. With our full schedule of over 30 fitness classes a week, including: kickboxing, crossfitness style, yoga, spin and several other kinds of boot camp style classes, you can find everything you need in one place with only one cost.

You don’t have to be a member to enjoy our group fitness classes. Come down and train on your own, with a buddy, or with a group. Working out in a group setting is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and toward your fitness goals faster. We call it Small Group Training because these classes are small and welcoming. You’ll be working out with only a few other people, so you’ll always have the trainer’s attentiveness during the class.

Having trouble staying motivated? Switching up your workout routine with a variety of workouts keeps you interested in spending time at the gym.

To learn more about Small Group Training prices and gym membership options, or to book your introductory week, contact us.