Is Your Workout Routine Not Working? Here’s What You’re Missing

fitness routine

Exercising is vital to your daily life—which is why physicians all over the world keep recommending to maintain a regular regimen. Consistently getting the needed regular exercise is enough for most people to get their hearts pumping, but this is not always the case for everyone. If you’ve been working yourself ragged, but still can’t seem to lose weight, then there’s definitely something you’re missing!

Before you get demotivated and give in to that spiral of unhealthiness, a closer look into your regimen may reveal the solution to your weight loss goal. While your fitness trainer may claim to be an expert—there is that off-chance that they just aren’t giving you the right advice! Every person’s body reacts differently to exercise and diet plans, so an introspection into what you need can reveal what’s missing from your routine.

To find out if your trainer’s the right person for you, here are three questions you need to consider first:

Is your personal trainer an educated expert?

One fundamental reason to get a personal trainer is due to the knowledge they hold regarding all things related to fitness and exercising. 

Working out is not just about performing the routines and accomplishing the most number of sets you can do in a given period. It’s about learning how to do them properly and safely, while taking on the particular ones to target the parts of your body that need the exercise!

A trainer is supposed to be capable of providing you with the needed information and assistance, correcting your posture each time you do it wrong. If your training can’t give you that, then you’re definitely working with the wrong person!

Does your trainer take responsibility and accountability for your whole program?

A fitness consultant not only motivates you to exercise, but they are accountable for each exercise they tell you to do and every diet program they advise you to try out. Since they’re basing all their fitness tips on your body type, physical capabilities, and health situation, they will make sure to get you moving and going until you start seeing results.

They will develop a schedule according to your needs while guaranteeing that your other priorities will not be affected. If they just leave you to your devices, then they’re definitely doing it wrong!

Does your trainer program your short, medium, and long term goals properly?

Some people may perceive fitness trainers as people that always have high energy, constantly pushing you to beat your personal record and letting you try all sorts of exercises right away. The truth is, your fitness coach will never force you to do something you cannot do.

Instead, their fitness solution will only be successful if you work together to develop a personalized exercise routine you know you can follow and perform each time you work out. Your coach will help you build realistic objectives based on your abilities and learn to modify your exercise accordingly.

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, here is your solution:

Get rid of your old trainer and find one that really cares about your fitness goals! Finding a trainer isn’t as simple as getting the one closest to you or one whose rates are the cheapest—they should be able to assure you that their method will work with your body. They should have the proper knowledge to motivate you to reach your goals one step at a time!

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