Women in Weights – Alicia Talks About Her Favorite Training Method

Hey everyone, it’s Alicia here!  Just wanted to chat with you about iron for a bit.  Whether it’s in a consultation or a casual conversation outside of the gym, when I ask females what their goals are, the common consensus is that they want to be lean and toned, and most add that they’d like nice abs. I’d say 8 times out of 10 immediately following this statement they look at me very seriously and say “I don’t want to get bulky so I don’t want a weight program that will make me big.”


Okay ladies, I have a couple cool things to tell you. Well, the first thing isn’t cool at all, it’s an obvious fact. I’m a small woman. The second thing is, I lift more than my own body weight on an ongoing basis.


I started lifting heavy before I became a personal trainer after my buddy in the states encouraged me to go for it. I was struggling with figuring out some aspects of my life at the time and wasn’t happy with my career choices. I already knew that gaining physical strength and accomplishing fitness goals helped ease my mind because I was very active, had strong endurance and plyometric skills, so why not get into heavy strength training?


I called up my friend Virgil and asked him to give me an intro to lifting session to make sure I was getting expert advice on form before I worked my way up. Learning those foundations here at KFS, which is now my workplace and like a family to me is pretty sweet too I think!


So there I was. Lifting, gaining strength and disliking what I did for a living. I had wanted to be a personal trainer for a while and one day I had to courage to look at my life and say “screw this noise” then I immediately registered to do my certification. I didn’t know where it would take me at the time but I didn’t want to live with any regrets. You know how that story ends. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  Of course I have become physically stronger, but mentally I have gained so much from lifting.  I love setting new personal records because it just gets better and I keep getting stronger.


Now, to address the common concern about bulk, it’s not an issue, so throw that thought away. Women are not physiologically designed to build big bulky muscles. It’s a fat burning activity that builds lean muscle, or as I like to say, ‘lean gains’. When it comes to abs, some of the best exercises to develop them are full body functional strength activities like squats and pull ups. Here at the gym, we cover all the bases for you, so we can coach your nutrition in conjunction with your training program to help you reach your specific goals. Nutrition is a huge part of the changes you make in your physique and strength so I enthusiastically encourage you to learn more about how you’re fueling your body. I thrive on seeing others get stronger so if you’re looking to gain strength, and become that lean and mean version of yourself, come talk to me at the gym.

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