Why Group Fitness Can Help You Lose the Weight you Want

GO TEAM! Why you should try Group Fitness.

Most of us have come across the notion: “TEAM = Together, Everyone Achieves More!” But, many of us would argue that we like our own zone of working out – that we achieve our goals just fine alone, thank you very much.  But I started thinking: maybe it’s not about ‘help,’ maybe it’s about that extra push you need on days you would rather do anything but workout – where you fall short of motivation, not pushing yourself enough to see results. Group training can change all of that.

Whether it is partner training, boot camp or classes, group training has been proven to increase your calorie burn and incinerate more fat than opting for a solo workout.  In a group workout, the mixture of high energy, support, (and human tendency for a little competition) means more help to rev your heart rate and burn more calories because activities are accelerated compared to what you might do on your own.

If you are bored of your normal exercise routine or feel like you’ve hit a plateau, throwing group fitness into the mix will have you in a different mindset altogether.   Not only will you find yourself more motivated than ever, it is an opportunity to learn new exercises to apply them to your own workouts. Introducing new challenges into exercise has positive influence on both the body and mind – which studies have shown combats the effects of aging.

May 4th at 5:30pm Kalev Fitness will be hosting a free SUPER CLASS. This will be a 2 hour fitness extravaganza where you will be challenged by each of our instructors in all our classes. We like to call it “A taste of Kalev Fitness”. Sign up here to reserve your spot.

Another bonus? Working out in a group setting also means you can save money.  At Kalev Fitness, our class packages are less than $100/month for unlimited access to classes and boot camps.  If your heart is set on more specialized workouts with a trainer, partner training can be as low as $25/session! So whether you choose to team up with a trainer, a class, or a friend… group training is a really great addition to give you that extra push so you can go harder, faster, longer.

Tracey Ferris – Kalev Fitness Solution

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