Welcome to the team, Elliott

Elliott Personal Trainer Kalev Fitness Solution

Welcome to the team, Elliott.

Elliott Personal Trainer Kalev Fitness Solution


We’re excited to welcome Elliott to the KFS team!  Elliott joins us after recently completing his Kinesiology degree at the University of British Columbia, with a passion for helping people achieve their goals and overcoming the limitations of chronic conditions.  When I asked him why he would like to become an Occupational Therapist and why the interest in Chronic conditions such as diabetes, stroke patients, and hypertension – he told me about the challenge it provides not only as your trainer but as a health care professional and how rewarding it can be.  When working with clients for general and overall fitness, he likes to keep them constantly moving with an intense and high-energy work out focusing on functional movements.

Like most Vancouverites (born and raised), he enjoys hiking and being outdoors when he’s not at the gym.  What might suprise you about this local boy is his passion for the arts (and tap dance experience)!  During our sit down, I asked him to complete the following sentences with the first thing that came to mind – take a look at his responses when I put him in the hot seat.

  1. I’m currently…in a meeting
  2. I should have… gone the extra mile
  3. Every man should…drink protein shakes
  4. I’m not… shy
  5. I don’t like… papercuts
  6. I believe…in a thing called Kin [*referring to Kinesiology]
  7. I love… spending quality time with friends and family
  8. Yes it’s true… I like to sing and dance
  9. Something to fight for… your passions
  10. I’m constantly… trying to better myself
  11. If everybody knew… me they’d know how crazy I am
  12. I collect… baseball cards
  13. Sex is… greeeaat?
  14. A few years ago… I wanted to become a scientist [that lasted 4 months]
  15. I’ve always wanted… to be in a musical
  16. The number one… comes before the number two
  17. One of the problems... I have is when people don’t challenge themselves
  18. There is no limit to… where you can go
  19. When the time comes… I will be an Occupational Therapist
  20. What happens in… Canada is a good time
  21. I’m lucky… to have such a rewarding career path!
  22. Something no one knows about you… Wouldn’t you like to know?


If you’re interested in working with Elliott, contact us to set up your consultation.  You can view our small group training schedule here as well to come work hard with Elliott in class (such as tabata and bootcamp)!