Welcome Christopher Davite to KFS

Christopher Davite
We’re excited to welcome Christopher Davite to KFS!  You may have noticed him around if you’ve been into either of our Gastown or Yaletown locations recently – most likely on the rower or with a kettlebell in hand. Christopher is one of our newest Personal Trainers at KFS, and our new resident kettlebell expert – leading classes such as Transformations, Tough Mudder, as well as personal training and partner training sessions.

Christopher’s passion for health and fitness has been present ever since he kicked his first soccer ball.  He’s always been an outdoor enthusiastic – when he’s not at the gym you can find him bouldering, swimming, playing tennis, meditating or researching to further his knowledge of the human body and how it works.  His drive to understand how the body functions and moves is what inspires him every day to help his clients reach their peak, in all forms: mind, body and soul.  His favoured teaching methods are kettlebells (recently acquired his Agatsu Kettlebell certification) and body weight, making sure that mobility and flexibility is as important as explosive power and power endurance.

What you might not know about this energetic, down-to-earth trainer of ours of Scottish and Italian descent, is that when he originally moved to Vancouver from Belgium in 2011, he was here completing his Interior Architecture degree.  Somehow to our good fortune, he decided not to pursue a career in Architecture and Interior Design (their loss).  Less surprisingly, he’s a huge animal lover and misses his cat Pedro (formally known as Princess) that he left behind with family in Belgium.

You’re going to want to train with Christopher if you’re looking to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle, have fun during your sessions, learn more about how your body functions, increase both flexibility as well as strength, and occasionally have a little friendly competition to keep you motivated (handstand push-ups anyone)?

Get started with Christopher today! Or contact us at info@kalevfitness.com for more information.