Weight Loss Plateau: The Causes and How to Move Past It

woman losing weight

Not losing weight when you’re on a weight loss journey is very frustrating. You may have done everything you can to achieve your ideal weight, but the problem is that it’s not showing any results. Bodies might reject weight loss, which means your efforts to lose weight and burn calories might go to waste. This condition is called the Weight Loss Plateau.

The Weight Loss Plateau happens when a person doesn’t lose weight even if they’re on a strict diet and fitness journey. This is temporary, but it can occur longer if you don’t do anything to fix it.

The Causes of Weight Loss Plateau

There are a lot of things that can cause and trigger a weight loss plateau. Check this list to see if some of these situations apply to you.

  1. You’ve already lost way too much weight. When you’ve reached a weight loss plateau, it might be because there’s no more weight for you to lose. Calories give us enough energy to get through each day, especially if we do a lot of physical activities every day.
  2. You’re eating portions and habits have changed. A change in the portion size of what you eat can affect the weight loss plateau. If you followed a strict diet before but recently stopped monitoring your diet, this might be the reason you’re not losing weight.
  3. Your body got used to your routine. When you suddenly start a new exercise routine, your body will go through changes and adapt to the routine. If you continuously do the same routine over and over again, your body will get used to it and maintain the weight you have.

How to Fix a Weight Loss Plateau

A Weight Loss Plateau is temporary, but there are remedies to fix it as early as possible. Here are some ways you can fix a weight loss plateau:

  1. You need to increase your lean body mass. Having stronger and more dense muscles will burn all your extra calories while keeping your body strong. In this situation, you need to add more calories to your food instead of decreasing that amount. Your body needs enough nutrients.
  2. You should start monitoring your portion sizes. If you follow a strict diet, you need to continue with appropriate portion sizes again. You need to go back to the same eating routine. There are digital scales out there that can accurately measure the portion sizes of meat and other foods for monitoring intake.
  3. You should change your routines frequently. To prevent your body from adapting to your routines, you need to change your routines often. You can add more to your routine or improve the intensity.

Get Past your Weight Loss Plateau!

There are a lot of causes behind weight loss plateaus—but do not be worried. With proper care, you can definitely get back on track with your weight loss journey. Make sure to give your body the treatment it needs to get healthier and stronger.

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