We Weigh in on Weighing in Before a Workout


When at the gym you may have noticed people jumping on the scale before their sweat sesh. To me this is an odd phenomenon happening all to often and in MY opinion a totally detrimental thing to do. But you be the judge…

Why it’s Not a Good Idea

If you are using this as a method of measuring pre and post-workout hydration levels, I can jive with that. After you’ve just completed a strenuous workout, you could easily have shed more than a kilo (2.2lbs) of water weight! If staying hydrated is key for you (which it should be) then keeping track of how much water you are taking in by weighing yourself before and after a workout is useful and all the power to you!

The flip side of this is people cheating themselves-basing the number they are seeing as real results. “What you see in the mirror is your biggest competition.”  I love this mantra because it rings so true. Muscle weights approximately 2x as much as fat does and is 2x as lean. Ultimately “gaining weight”  isn’t always  a negative thing.

When it’s Beneficial

Motivation is another point I can understand, if you need a little kick in the butt, all the power to you. I have been there and I’m sure most people can say they have too.

Ultimately if you are going to be weighing yourself for whatever reasons, personal, for competition  (figure modeling, body building), whatever it may be, the morning is your best time. David Hart wrote an artice on the importance that truly sums exactly why it is so important to weigh yourself in the morning .  I mean, did you know that during the night we can exhale up to a pound in moisture through our breath while we sleep?!

What are your thoughts? We want to hear from you!

Written by: Marina