Communication Tips to Make the Most of Your Personal Trainer

If you’ve never worked with a personal trainer before, the process might be intimidating. After all, a personal trainer is generally in great form, but you may not be.

Can they truly understand what you’re going through? Can they help you achieve your goals in terms of fitness and life?

When you obtain personal training, keep in mind that even your trainer is a normal human being who may have struggled to reach the physical levels they currently have. So, how can you get to know your personal trainer and properly connect with them for the greatest results? Here are some pointers to get you started. Continue reading!

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Asking questions is a human thing to do, and no one will ever fault you for doing it. Asking questions when you’re working with a trainer is just as important as asking questions when speaking with your boss, partner, or best friend.

You can ask them anything you want, really. You might be curious about their background, or some of the exercises they’re doing. You might find out that they like the same kind of music that you do or that they like to watch the same kind of movies that you do. You might even find out that they love the same sport that you love. When you make it a point to ask questions, eventually, you can connect with your trainer as a human being and not just as a dispenser of fitness advice. And the more comfortable you are with them, the more you’ll benefit from their advice.

2. Don’t Lie About Your Lifestyle to Feel Better

This is a common pitfall to avoid. You don’t have to lie to your trainer about how much you’re eating, how active you are, or how much you’re drinking. If you’re doing really well with your fitness expectations but eating a lot of junk, you can tell your trainer about it. If your life has been really hectic and you’ve just been stressed out, you can tell them about it. If you’re drinking a lot more than you’re used to, you can tell them about it.

Remember, you’re paying them to be your guide. You don’t have to lie to them so that you can feel good about yourself. Jumping into that pitfall will only lead you to disappointment and frustration.

3. Be Clear About Your Goals, But Stay Realistic

When you meet with your trainer, find some time to discuss your goals. Ideally, they’ve already discussed your goals with you, and they know what they are. But this will also be your chance to make sure that they’re clear with you.

Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get more toned? Do you want to run a marathon? Do you just want to be able to go hiking with your kid? Do you want to be able to carry your child if they fall down? Do you want to be more attractive to your spouse? Do you have pictures of a celebrity body you’re trying to attain? Find out what your trainer thinks you can realistically achieve in the time frame you’re setting aside for this goal.

4. Get to Know Each Other

When you’re getting to know each other, you’re establishing trust, and trust is the most important part of good communication. Your trainer knows you’re paying them to help you with your fitness, but they don’t also know that you’re also going to need emotional support. And to help you with your emotional needs, you need to let them know that you trust them by telling them about your life. Talk to them about your work, your kids, spouse, projects, and dreams. They might give you some tips on how to deal with things, they might help you break down your goals into smaller versions that you can achieve more easily.

Ready to Get Fit?

Personal training is not a magical solution to all your fitness needs. It’s just one part of the bigger picture. If you’re just getting into shape and you’ve never been in shape before, it might be difficult to manage at first. But once you get into the groove, you’ll learn the parts that you can manage on your own, that don’t require assistance from a trainer, and those parts will become easier and easier to do.

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