6 Tips to Know When Taking Your First Group Fitness Class

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Whether you’re serious about improving your health or want to expand your social circle, joining a group fitness class at Kalev Fitness Solution can benefit you in many ways. We have something for everyone’s preferences and workout needs, from yoga, spin, and strength training. It can also be an effective way to get in shape due to the supportive environment we create. 

However, like other first times, you’ll encounter and make many errors during your initial session. You may also feel awkward since you’ll be in a room with many strangers. Although all these are valid, you should learn from them to maximize the results and feel more comfortable. 

If you’re ready to get physically fit while potentially making lifelong friends, we’ll list some helpful tips when taking your first group fitness class. 

1. Do Your Research and Watch YouTube Videos

If you’re considering taking your first group fitness class, our trainers at Kalev Fitness Solution highly recommend researching the course you’ll take and watching YouTube videos before entering our in-person sessions. This step will help you feel more confident and prepared. It also enables you to familiarize yourself with the exercises, the format of the class, and the instructor’s teaching style.

Although you can find previews and breakdowns of the moves online, remember that the in-person experience with an instructor and other participants is a significant benefit. Also, don’t write off the class just because of what you see online.

2. Watch the Group Fitness Class from the Studio Window

Although observing a group fitness class from a distance may be helpful to get an idea of what it entails, remember that trying the moves is the best way to understand the difficulty. Standing in the back may not be ideal for watching our exercise instructors, so we recommend starting in the middle of the room. Also, we highly discourage hiding at the back, even if you’re a beginner. 

3. Arrive Five Minutes Early and Tell the Instructor That You’re New

Feeling nervous about entering your first group fitness class is okay, but you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. You should also inform our instructors that you’re a first-timer here. We won’t judge your performance. Instead, we want to help you maximize your sessions. 

At Kalev Fitness Solution, we’re committed to helping everyone reach their fitness goals by creating safe spaces, regardless of their fitness level. It’s also best to tell our instructors about any injuries or limitations so we can provide alternatives.

4. Listen to the Instructions

One of our students’ most prominent mistakes in group fitness classes is staring at themselves in the mirror instead of listening to our instructor’s cues and adjusting their form. You must learn to move correctly from the get-go and prioritize the instructor’s form and signals over watching oneself in the mirror.

5. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others and Take Breaks When Needed

The most important tip for beginners in group fitness is not to push yourself too hard too soon. Being a beginner and focusing on your progress is okay, rather than comparing yourself to others. After all, our instructors were also novices before they became experts. 

Listen to your body and stop if you feel pain or cannot perform a move. Also, make smart choices for your body and take it at your own pace.

6. Love the Community and Be a Part of It

We have a growing community of supportive wellness enthusiasts, and participating in group fitness classes can help you stay motivated and feel more connected. Our sessions have different levels, so you can start with less intense workouts before trying more challenging ones.

Let’s Get Physically Fit Together

Enrolling in group fitness classes can help you achieve your body goals and meet new friends, but that only works when you do it right. You can maximize the results by listening to our instructors, educating yourself, and being punctual. 

If you’re a beginner looking for group fitness classes in Vancouver, visit Kalev Fitness Solution! Our wellness staff is here to help you achieve your best physical and mental health. Try our free six-week challenge or intro personal training session now!