This ONE SECRET Is Saving the Lives of Canadian Office Workers

group workout


We hate to say this, but you’ll have to hear this sooner or later.

While this might be something you won’t want to believe, it’s a sobering truth for anyone who spends at least a third of their day sitting in their office chair. No matter how young you may be, how comfortable your chair is, or how “well the AC hits right,” your physical activity level at work (or the lack thereof) is probably shaving your life expectancy.

Instead of thinking about how you’re going to have happy memories by the time you’re 80 and have grandkids, the fact that you probably spend a few hours sitting in your chair should have you reconsidering. Even though “marrying your job” and being a workaholic is something that will let you have a better life in the long run, the sad reality is that you might not even be around for that “long run”––a brutal truth, isn’t it?

Well, fortunately for you, it isn’t too late to start focusing on one of the most important routines that anyone who spends a third of their life at work should start doing: corporate fitness. 

What is corporate fitness?

When we talk about corporate fitness, we’re not talking about the health of your operations or the ideal debt-to-income ratio of your accounting section. We’re actually talking about no-nonsense, sweat-breaking fitness!

Corporate fitness comes as a solution to a growing problem of stagnation at the workplace that is causing more health problems for workers every year (some being as young as 20-plus years old). Through the help of personal trainers, kinesiologists, cross-training specialists, and nutrition experts—such as the experts at Kalev Fitness—corporate fitness seeks to undo the wrongs of today’s business culture and save lives in the process! 

Whether it’s through the help of an on-site gym, workplace-exclusive workout class, or round-the-clock diet consultation and monitoring, this type of service helps ensure that employees stay in their best shape. Once a culture of corporate fitness is instilled, any worker who chooses to participate will spare themselves from their own demise. In essence, think of it as an insurance policy, except that you feel its benefits right away!

What will you get out of following a corporate fitness routine?

When it comes to understanding why corporate fitness is important (and why you should call Kalev Fitness to get started today), here are a few compelling reasons that can’t be overlooked: 

It saves lives—literally

With the average workplace set-up requiring workers to sit at least 30 hours a week, a culture of corporate fitness can help ensure that the implications of bad cycles are counteracted. 

According to a study by Warren, T. et al. called “Sedentary Behaviors Increase Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in Men,” sitting for long periods can lead to severe repercussions. Researchers discovered that sitting for as little as 23 hours a week in a stationary position (in this case, just being at work) can already increase the risk of heart disease by 64 percent!

Fortunately, working with professionals to help keep you and your team members in shape will allow you to avoid various risks on top of heart disease through constant monitoring and programming. With every session, each worker can take a step further away from a life-shortening condition or health risk and not even realize just how much progress they’ve made! 

It helps keep productivity at an all-time high

Whenever employees are in peak health, it becomes easier for them to live their lives comfortably and remain productive. You see, corporate fitness ensures that every employee gets on a nearly-unbreakable habit of exercising and staying healthy to generate more endorphins in the body, leading to a greater feeling of happiness. Once an employee is happier, it will show in their workplace performance because an increase in endorphins also leads to increased productivity!


Although it may seem menial at first, corporate fitness is a vital practice that any modern workplace should start investing in because of all the different benefits it brings for everyone involved. With the help of a thorough and detailed approach, every worker that commits to this very same practice will improve for themselves and the entire company as well! 

Kalev Fitness is a specialist in corporate fitness in Vancouver that helps hundreds of office spaces change their health habits for the better, one day at a time. If you want to take your healthy habits to the next level (or even start practicing them), look no further because we’re here to help—get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!