What’s on YOUR plate?

If you enjoy puns and knowing what you’re putting into your body you will LOVE this one. Earlier this month the Vancouver Sun released “The Fatabase”, a database containing the nutritional info on your favorite picks from 64 BC restaurant chains. The catchy name may be what entices you in, but it’s the frightening reality of what you’re eating that will inevitably have you coming back time and time again.

Let’s look at some examples of my favourite “eat your feelings” meals:

Earls’ Grilled Chicken and Baked Brie Ciabatta *yam fries with 3 servings of chipotle mayo not included*
• 689 calories
• 31g fat

Starbucks’ Green Tea Frappuccino (green tea=good right? WRONG)
• 490 calories
• 14g fat

Joey’s Lobster Ravioli
• 1,280 calories….let’s just repeat that one: 1280 CALORIES!!
• 81g fat

I think you get the picture I’m painting here. I’m sure we all have those days where it seems like the sky is falling—our car breaks down, it starts raining as soon as we’re out from under the overhang, we hit our heads on the washing machine at work (that one might just be me) – but unless you’re planning on running 40k per week it’s probably time to rethink how you choose your food therapy. From now on I’m turning to carrot sticks. Carrot sticks and punching bags- if I can’t take out my emotions on a plate of BBQ I will take them out on my love handles!

So here are some lessons to take with you through your eating endeavors:

1. Adding lettuce, substituting with chicken, or adding the prefix ‘green’ does not a healthy meal make.

2. If it sounds like it’s bad for you, it’s probably worse.

3. Butter makes everything taste better and the restaurant industry has caught on to this. Unfortunately, butter is far from the superfood we want it to be.

4. We happen to have a fabulous nutritionist on staff! Greg is happy to help you with all your not-eating-lobster-ravioli needs! Just click here to check out our nutrition page and set up a consultation.

Good luck and happy eating!

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