The Meat and Nuts Breakfast Theory

So we touched base on what your training team eats for breakfast a few weeks ago and learned that the KFS personal trainers have a wide variety of eating habits.  An interesting breakfast theory that we will explore in detail today, is the concept of consuming meat and nuts at the start of the day.  This is a theory popularized by Charles Poliquin, a well known strength coach who has worked with several professional athletes.

Why meat and nuts?  Well, for starters it is an ideal way to fuel if you’re looking to lean out while repairing muscle tissue. This breakfast combo helps increase energy levels while maintaining mental focus to boot.  Hormones are taken to a state of ease to allow a calm, mellow energy flow throughout the day.  This helps curb hunger and cravings for long periods of time up until the next meal.

What happens in the body when it is fed this meat and nut combo?  The meat allows for a nice slow and steady rise in blood sugar, then the healthy fats from the nuts kick in allowing that blood sugar to remain stable for a prolonged period of time.  There are several advantages to eating meat and nuts in the morning.  In addition to those already mentioned, this system helps reduce food sensitivities that are known to increase cortisol levels.

This theory can still be practiced in a modified way if one is allergic to nuts with some allowance to include low glycemic fruits with low fructose levels in place of the nuts, recommended by Poliquin.  Some examples would be apricot, avocado (which is ideal because it is full of healthy fat as well), blackberries, blueberries, grapefruit, nectarine, olives (another fruit full of smart fat), papaya, peach, plum,  raspberries, or strawberries.  Berries are a nice pairing for various meats and they are full of antioxidants.

Now remember the importance of staying consistent with this theory to see the full effect, and being sure to only consume meat and nuts (or meat and a fruit listed above) without any other food groups being added.  Also, always be thoughtful of the quality of the food consumed.  Free range and organic meats or wild caught fish, raw organic nuts, and organic produce will be the best options for optimal health and taste.

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