Team Spotlight – Getting to Know Mina

Team Spotlight – Getting to Know Mina



We sat down with Mina one morning last month to put him in the hot seat – our personal trainers are usually the ones asking the questions!  We also wanted an excuse to share his headshot.

Check out what Mina had to say after an early morning of training…

  • I’m currently… half asleep
  • I should have… eaten a better breakfast
  • Every man should…travel the world
  • I don’t like… broccoli
  • I believe… in karma
  • One positive thing… my life now  
  • I love… my bike
  • Yes it’s true… I am an Egyptian
  • I believe in Fighting for… equality
  • I’m constantly… very busy and on the go
  • If everybody knew… what Egypt is like, people would stop asking me if I rode a camel to school
  • I collect… nothing
  • Sex is… you should do it?
  • A few years ago I… moved to Vancouver
  • I always wanted… work in West Africa
  • The best… candy is Skittles
  • One of the problems… I have is eating healthy with a busy schedule
  • There is no limit to… how strong you can be!
  • When the time comes I will … ride the route of the Tour De France
  • I’m lucky… to be here and live here! it’s great.


Now here’s what I have to say about Mina after working, training, and sitting with him for this interview:

“Mina can help you have a fresh outlook on fitness.  No matter the time of day, or how hard you work, his smile and joyful energy is contagious, the time will fly by and you’ll realize you actually laughed during a workout.  Crazy concept – I know!  Don’t let his boyish grin fool you though, he will work you hard.

Fitness isn’t something Mina does for a living, it’s just what he does. (emphasis on the “.”).  When he’s not at the gym, you could find him in one of the following locations: on the soccer field, on his bike, at the beach, or finally… at the movies.  What you may not know about Mina is he’s a movie guru, and goes about twice a week.  Ask him what he’s seen lately or what he would recommend and you’ll see him light up.  Made for a wonderful coffee work-date!

I asked him what is sometimes a difficult question for trainers to answer, ‘Who is your ideal client’ – his response was anyone that wants to move and perform better.  His experience and specialties vary from knee injuries, postural corrections and improvements for back pain, to functional movements (and lifeguarding, just FYI).  What does this mean?  It means you’ll want to train with Mina if:

  • you have a knee injury or problem
  • Want to correct your biomechanics
  • Are an endurance cyclist or runner
  • Wish to improve your agility and speed for sports such as tennis and soccer
  • or have experienced back issues.”


Mina completed his Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia, and is ACSM and CEC certified.


If you’re interested in working with Mina, contact us at 604.568.6006 or email us at