Stairclimb for Clean Air Week 5

Change it up!

When it comes to exercise, variety is very important. It forces your body to adapt to different types of stimulus, thus preparing you for more types of activity! Don’t just walk on the treadmill, increase the incline. Don’t just go for a run outside, challenge yourself on a hill, or climb the steps in your apartment. If you regularly lift weights, go see a trainer for a few sessions to get a fresh look at your program. Do you always run outside? Try taking a small group session at your local gym, a boxing class or a spin class. Whatever it is that you do for exercise, each day try to modify it just a little bit to make sure you are constantly adapting and improving.


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Week 4 Tip:

Stretching Click Here

Week 3 Tip:

Incorporate squats and single leg step-ups Click Here

Week 2 Tip:

Focus on two different days of cardio into your work-outs. Click Here

Week 1 Tip:

Plan 5-6 weeks ahead. Click Here